Diana Golden

Following the loss of her leg to cancer at the age of 12, Diana Golden returned to skiing and developed a passion for ski racing. For years she trained hard to challenge her limits and in the process created a new standard for three-track skiing.

For more than six years, Diana was a dominant force in her sport, thrilling fans with breathtaking 65-mph downhill runs and winning just about every award attainable.

A few of Diana’s accomplishments include an Olympic gold medal in the 1988 disabled womens giant slalom in Calgary, Canada; 10 World Championship golds; and 19 national championship golds.

Diana’s successful skiing career, outstanding competitive record, and contributions to her sport have earned her universal respect and acclaim throughout the entire sports community.

Today a full-time speaker and writer, this Dartmouth College graduate challenges audiences worldwide to do more than just dream. Diana Golden is the epitome of the indomitable human spirit.

“Greatness is not a gift. Excellence is earned. It takes a combination of determination, training, commitment, sweat, stubbornness and pride to get you where you want to go. Success in sports is like everything else worth having in life-you’ve got to work for it. If you want to be great at something, you have to set a vision for yourself; you have to believe in it; you have to want it; and then you have to pursue it with every ounce of passion that your heart and soul can muster. “

-Diana Golden

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