Adapt2Achieve: Strengthening the Nationwide Adaptive Sports Movement

September 1, 2013

Five years ago, after a year-long process of evaluating Disabled Sports USA’s strategic direction, we launched Adapt2Achieve (A2A), a chapter development program that provides training to our 100+ chapters so they can offer more effective adaptive sports programming in their local communities. A2A not only includes sport-specific training, but also essential training in operational areas such as fundraising, chapter administration, personnel management, risk management and instructor training.

Our chapters have recently requested more A2A training to improve services and increase capacity to serve people with disabilities. So, in response, Disabled Sports USA is significantly increasing our commitment to the A2A program, and this commitment takes many forms including clinics, trainings, conferences and webinars.

In September, an A2A program in Utah will focus on all aspects of cycling (equipment, fitting, risk management, rec-to-racing, off-road, etc.) plus additional sessions on fundraising, adaptive challenge courses, and adaptive equestrian. 

We will follow this up with an A2A program in October in Madison, Wis., where USA Hockey officials will provide a disabled hockey workshop (special, deaf, amputee and sled).

In December, another A2A clinic will be conducted at The Hartford Ski Spectacular, and at least two A2A regional training conferences will be conducted in 2014. In addition, several webinar-based training sessions will be developed and offered in 2014. These webinars will be developed in many areas, so that chapter representatives that cannot travel will benefit from the knowledge shared in the physical A2A sessions.

To ensure we are providing the most helpful training possible, before each A2A program the local participating chapters are polled to identify the training they want most plus, we include other topics, such as risk management, that Disabled Sports USA recognizes are critical to safe and effective sports programming.

This Adapt2Achieve expansion is one of many initiatives that DSUSA is introducing over the next three years, all designed to increase the effectiveness of chapter programming at the local level. Stay tuned for more announcements!

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