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General Event Promotion Timeline

Each program your organization runs will follow a different promotional timeline depending on a number of factors, including number of intended participants, length of program, geographic area of outreach, etc.

    • Begin promoting events/programs early enough to allow participants time to plan their attendance.
    • Create a deadline for event sign-ups which takes into consideration both the need to be properly prepared for the event and the participants’ schedules—be as flexible as possible.

Media Coverage

If you are looking to have media coverage of your event, press releases should be distributed to media outlets approximately 1-2 weeks prior. A press release template can be found in the Templates Section of these guidelines. Ask sponsors to promote the event to media, and cross-promote via social media outlets.

The following resources are available to help with press release distribution:

When talking to the media, keep the focus on a positive rehabilitative sports experience.

  • Ensure that only those who have signed media waivers are filmed and interviewed by the press.
  • In accordance with HIPAA, do not reveal any personal details of a participant’s medical history.
  • Make sure to mention the support of any sponsors in press-releases, media coverage, social media posts, etc.

Potential Community Partners

These organizations may be potential partners or outreach sources when promoting events and programs.

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