Warfighter Sports Individual Training Grants- FAQs

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Q: When can I apply for a grant?

Grant applications will be accepted on a rolling basis beginning November 1, 2014 until all funds have been distributed.

Q: I’ve previously received a grant from Disabled Sports USA. Can I apply again?

Yes! You can apply for a grant every year up to a total of $1000 per year.

Q: Does my disability qualify for this program? 

The priority of Disabled Sports USA’s Warfighter Sports program is to serve veterans and members of the armed forces with permanent physical disabilities such as spinal cord injury, amputation, traumatic brain injury, vision impairment, and nerve/muscle damage that permanently impedes function.

Q: Can I spend my grant money on a guide or medical attendant? 

Yes. You may use funding to assist with the cost of a guide or a medical attendant as long as your total grant amount does not exceed the $1,000 limit.


Q: I am a beginner in my chosen sport– does this matter?

No. The purpose of the Warfighter Sports training grant is to support wounded warriors in their chosen sport, at their chosen level of activity, regardless of skill  level.

Q: What priorities are you looking for in an application?

In order to strengthen your application, be as complete as possible in answering each question. We want to know how our grant will positively impact your future athletic or fitness goals. Remember to show how you are training in the sport on an ongoing basis and tie any event requests back to this. We will not fund one-time events that do not demonstrate a sufficient long term interest in the sport.

Priority will also be given to individuals from the following states: Arkansas, Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wyoming and the US Territories and Puerto Rico.

Q: What should be in my report? 

Your written report does not need to be lengthy. If you participated in a competition (for example), we are interested in your results, whether you achieved your initial goal and how this experience has impacted your future goals.

i.e. “I finished the Boston Marathon with my son in less than 5 hours. Not only did I achieve my goal of completion, but this has inspired me to train and try to go faster. My new goal is being able to finish a marathon in under 4 hours. I was the fastest leg amputee to run the course. The experience gave me new motivation to stay fit, and a passion for running that I can share with my family.”

Q: What is a “partial grant award”?

We aim to strike a delicate balance between fulfilling grant requests and making as much of an impact as possible. If we paid 100% of every grant that was requested, we would have to severely limit the number of grants we award. By giving partial grants we are able to do the greatest good for the largest amount of people. If you are able to afford part of your grant request, please indicate it by checking the “partial grant” box on the application form.

Q: When will I be notified of whether or not I’ve received a grant?

All applicants will be notified of their grant status within 10 business days (2 weeks) of the submission of their application. Grantees will be provided with the appropriate paperwork to complete their grant reporting and will be sent Warfighter Sports apparel to be worn during participation.


Should you have any questions that need answering prior to completing your grant application, please contact:

Kelly O’Donnell, kodonnell@dsusa.org, (240) 268.5371.

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