Warfighter Sports Resources

Are you a Warfighter Sports participant looking to get more involved in adaptive sports?  Check out these resources to help you get started.


Interested in Adaptive Equipment?

Through the VA:

As a wounded service member, you may be eligible for adaptive equipment through the VA, whether you are active duty or a veteran.  While each VA’s process is slightly different, the following is a general guide to navigating the process for receiving adaptive equipment.

1) Register through the VA. www.benefits.va.gov/compensation

2) Identify your interests. The process can move more quickly if you already have documentation of participation and trials of several pieces of adaptive equipment to know which one works best for you.

3) Consult your primary care provider. They will help initiate this process and make referrals as needed. Medical clearance is required.

4) Get a full evaluation. Typically done through the rehabilitation department, this assessment includes education and identification of adaptive equipment as it relates to your specific physical needs and interests.

5) Identify Appropriate Equipment/Submit Request. Based on the evaluation, you and your rehabilitation team will select equipment to accommodate your needs. Next, a formal request will be submitted for final approval.

6) Receive your equipment. Final fitting and adjustments are made when equipment is issued.


Private Organizations:

These organizations also provide adaptive sports grants to supplement the VA program. Visit their websites to learn more about their qualification and application process.

Challenged Athletes Foundation (Operation Rebound)  –  www.challengedathletes.org

IM Able Foundation  –  www.imablefoundation.org

Hope for the Warriors  –  www.hopeforthewarriors.org

Play Foundation – www.playfoundation.org

Kelly Brush Foundation (SCI Only)  –  www.kellybrushfoundation.org

High Fives Foundation (Winter Sports Only)  –  www.highfivesfoundation.org

Team Semper Fi / America’s Fund  –  www.semperfifund.org

Catch a Lift Fund (Gym Memberships)  –  www.catchaliftfund.com



Looking for a Specific Sport?

Visit our Adaptive Sports Resources page, or visit our chapter listing and type the sport into the search bar to find an instructor near you.



Looking for an Event?

Check out the Warfighter Sports calendar or visit the chapter listing to find the chapter nearest you and see what programs you’re eligible to attend.



Want to Become an Instructor?

Have you mastered a sport and are looking to give back to your fellow Veterans and other adaptive athletes?  Consider becoming an instructor.  Disabled Sports USA’s Adapt2Achieve program provides adaptive sports instructor training through a variety of in-person conferences and webinars throughout the year.

For more information on sport-specific trainings, please contact Karalyn Stott at kstott@dsusa.org.



Still Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

Email Bre Podgorski at bpodgorski@dsusa.org with your question.


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